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how to become a super affiliate and get mrr

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How to Outsell Other Resellers and Become a Super
Easy Ways To Gain An Unfair Advantage Over Your
No Matter What Program You Are Promoting...

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From the computer of Jimmy D. Brown
Friday, 9:52 A.M.
Re: Becoming a Top-Selling Affiliate
Dear Affiliate Marketer:

Let's face it. Not all affiliates are earning
high commissions. In fact, very few are.

How would you like to become one of them?

It's not a trick question. How would you like to
become a top-selling affiliate for whatever
program you choose? I'm serious when I tell you
that YOU - yes YOU - can begin earning high
commissions no matter what affiliate program you
are promoting.

More on that in just a minute.

Let me give you some startling facts about my own
affiliate program and the resellers who promote

5 of my affiliates earn about 80 of the
commissions paid.

10 of my affiliates earn commissions every pay

20 of my affiliates earn commissions at some

80 of my affiliates either earn *very* little
commissions or no commissions at all.

These are some mind-boggling statistics and, in
talking with others, they seem to be the norm for
MOST affiliate programs. So, I became a
detective after finding these numbers. And I
found out why the top-selling affiliates are
getting all the sales.

And I'm going to share it with YOU. In How to
Outsell Other Resellers and Become a Super
Affiliate, you will learn everything I found out
about how the top affiliates get it done.
You'll discover things like...

How to earn more sales to YOUR link, even though
you're selling the EXACT same product at the
EXACT same price as a gazillion other resellers.
The *exact* reasons why the top-selling
affiliates in any program are so successful and
why the others are left in the dust. NOTE: More
importantly, you'll learn how YOU can do what
the top-sellers are doing!
An "I can't believe it can be this easy", 5-
step affiliate formula for success that works
EVERY time no matter what affiliate program you
are involved in.
The #1 biggest obstacle to affiliate marketing
that is behind the failure of 95 of all
resellers -- and how YOU can avoid it! HINT: If
you do this wrong, it's almost impossible for
you to become a top-seller.
5 necessities for EVERY succesful affiliate
marketer to complete. These are the life of all
affiliate marketing and cannot be altered or
omitted in any way. You'll do them right from
day one!
6 sure-fire ways to separate yourself from the
competition even if you don't have a huge
mailing list, a high traffic website or a well
known name within the industry.
What 98 of ALL AFFILIATES are doing wrong with
their marketing that is costing them thousands of
extra commissions every year...and how YOU can
learn this secret in less than 5 seconds.
How to get the MAXIMUM benefit from your
promotion by doing one simple thing differently.
NOTE: It takes thirty seconds to make this
simple change to your website.
3 easy ways to make yourself stand out among the
crowd of affiliates and pull in orders like you
are raking leaves...including 12 quick tip ideas
for creating your own unique approach to
affiliate marketing.
The 2 secrets that you can quickly and easily
master to become a top-selling affiliate and 3
reasons why you DON'T want to use the
advertising materials your affiliate program
provides for you.
These are just a few of the things in you'll
find in this "short, sweet and to the point"
course. How to Outsell Other Resellers and Become
a Super Affiliate is your ticket to earning more
affiliate commissions regardless of who you are
or what you are promoting.

Bonus: This information is not only applicable
to affiliate marketing, but to your own
eBusiness as well. If you have created a product
to sell online or if you have purchased reprint
rights to a product, then you can apply these
same ideas to all of your online marketing

But, we're not finished by a long shot. You'll
also discover things like...

A quick and easy 4-step system for using
incentive marketing to produce immediate results,
including a "real life" example from a top-
selling affiliate in 3 separate programs.
An almost "magical" formula for writing
recommendations that produce sales and
commissions like a charm, including a mini-site
sales letter that is a perfect example of how to
get EASY orders and 8 quick tip ideas for
creating incentive packages that no one can
compete with.
The 3 questions that you must answer if you want
to convince people to purchase through your
affiliate link. They are easy -- but, do you
know what they are?
The hands-down quickest way to see a significant
increase in your mailing list in the next 7 days -
- HINT: More subscribers = more sales. You'll
learn the simple formula for affiliate success.
2 easy ways to use ezine articles to bring in
100 free advertising for your affiliate link and
4 easy ways to use forums (message boards) for a
quick boost in your commission checks.
3 ingenius tactics for creating more affiliate
sales on the "back-end", including several "10-
second" changes that can be made to your website
to bring in up to 543 more commissions.

But, that's not all --- Order today and receive
a FREE 7-Day eCourse, "Secrets of Affiliate
Success: How to Really Pull in Commissions"

If you order How to Outsell Other Resellers and
Become a Super Affiliate today, then you'll also
receive a FREE 7-day eCourse designed especially
to help YOU earn the most commissions possible,
with the least amount of work. I've put
together this 7-day eCourse as a "Part 2" to
the eBook itself. It actually has more pages and
information than the eBook!

Since you have reprint rights to this manual when
you order, all of those who purchase the manual
from you will ALSO be able to access this 7-day
eCourse at no cost. The subscription signup
information for this eCourse is INSIDE the manual

The 7-day eCourse includes these lessons...

"The REAL SECRET to Earning Commissions With
Affiliate Programs!"
"A Gurus Idea to Get You Started On The Road
to Guaranteed Monthly Income!"
3 Easy Ways For You To Cash In On Your Own
Success With Affiliate ProgramsAlmost Overnight!
"How To Increase Your Affiliate Commission By Up
To A Staggering 500 for ANY PROGRAM!"
"Creating Your Own Ever-Growing Empire Of
Affiliate Commissions and Checks!
"The Absolute EASIEST Way to Earn Commissions
While Barely Lifting a Finger!
"How to Use a Ready-Made Autoresponder Course to
Flat Out Make Your Affiliate Commissions Sizzle!
In these daily lessons you'll discover...

Why you are probably working way too hard for
minimum results and a VERY EASY and seldom used
tactic that you can begin using today to work
much less and see much more profit.
How to earn up to 12 times as much (and more!)
commission from ONE customer without doing an
extra bit of work.
An easy formula for *literally* bringing in
thousands of dollars in commissions EVERY
MONTH. Hint: A few of my buddies are furious
with me for sharing this secret because they
don't want any competition.
My own personal list of the 10 best affiliate
programs to promote to bring you in the maximum
amount of commissions possible for your marketing
efforts. You'll be shocked at who isn't on the
list -- and who is.
How "paying" for a customer might just be the
best method for earning residual affiliate
income. I'll show you how my own losses
actually earn me hundreds every month...and
you'll learn how to do it for yourself.
5 easy ways to "lose" on the front end (yep,
losers are winners here!) and profit BIG TIME on
the back end by generating even more customers
than ever before.
The "Affiliate Secrets" formula for success and
how to apply it to so there is nothing left to do
but cash your commissions checks with a smile.
A legitimate way of generating 500 more
affiliate commissions regardless of what program
you are promoting...without spending a penny.
A super simple (I'm still amazed more people
haven't caught on) way of pulling in commissions
without even trying and how you can actually get
other people to do the work for you.
4 universal, unchanging principles for affiliate
success, including how to setup your own
automated systems that do your marketing for you
around the clock.
The honest-to-goodness easiest way to earn
commissions that is available online today.
Nothing else comes close to the ease of earning
affiliate sales and commissions as this.
How to promote your 7 favorite affiliate programs
simultaneously without any real effort at all.
Once you setup this automated system, it works
your promotion for you like remote control.
Here's the bottom line: This eBook and "part 2
" eCourse will help you increase your affiliate
commissions no matter who you are or what you are
promoting. It doesn't matter if you are a
newbie or a veteran, there is something in here
for you. I can guarantee you that if you apply
the information contained in this course, then
you WILL see a significant increase in

And, of course, you get 100 royalty-free MASTER
REPRINT RIGHTS to this manual -- sell it yourself
and keep every penny you earn...

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